Tactica’s story

I lot of times I’ve been asked why Tactica Magazine, why I decided to create a magazine that covers fields like military and law enforcement. It was strange in a country where there were no civilian magazines covering these subjects, to have someone creating a publication like that.

So, I had to tell Tactica’s story so many times that I’ve lost count and learned it by heart like you learn a poem in school. It’s not a poem, but it’s an interesting story

He here we go. I loved the army since I was 5-6 years old. I used to salute the soldiers who marched on the town’s streets on their way to the firing range and I always got back a salute and a smile. I wanted to be a soldier when I grew up. But in the communist era, a woman couldn’t be a soldier. I gave up telling people that I wanted to be a soldier but never stopped wanting to serve.

Later on, in the 7th grade, I discovered the Latin philosophers and their writings. Imagine that, living more than 2000 years ago, and still having people talking about you and knowing your name. For me, that was the way to achieve immortality. Through writing. So, I told to myself that I’ll be a writer. I became a journalist. And the fact that I loved to write was the confirmation I needed that I was on the right track.

The next step on Tactica’s story is quite recent. Sometime at the beginning of 2012, at about 3 in the night (or morning for some) I was reading Tactical New Magazine and I was so sad that we, in Romania, don’t have a similar publication. I wondered what if I’ll try to make one. I talked to some friends passionate about military and police trying to put together the magazine. Six months later, with my friends still talking about when to meet, I decided I should give it a try on my own. In the middle of the night, again, I started working and, with articles that I already had, I used my graphic design skills to create the layout, and in few hours, I had most of the magazine done.

I still needed to handle some “small” things, like the name, logo or colour scheme. And because I was so excited to launch it, I didn’t take the time to search for a font that I’ll like and that had the Romanian characters. No big deal, just that the magazine is known now with a different name that the one I registered it. From “Revista Tactică” or Tactical Magazine – I know, my lack of inspiration for the name still surprised me – it became Revista Tactica or Tactica Magazine. Not that bad in the end.

Tactica was liked and for two years I travel around the country to write the stories of Romanian servicemen and women and they NATO allies that trained in Romania, of the police special forces or those of the firefighter and first responders.

Now I had to take a little break, since I moved to the UK, but I’ll get back to publishing the magazine as soon I figure out how to handle the “managing” part of it, or I find someone else that is passionate about it, so I can keep on with the writing part.

Until then, I use my time in London to become a better journalist.

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