August 8, 2022

Cautand nestemate in Muzeul Britanic

Azi am fost la Muzeul Britanic sau British Museum cum îi spun localnicii. Eu am inclus acest muzeu, alaturi de Muzeul Louvre din Paris, Smithsonian National Museum din Washington sau Muzeul Egiptean din Cairo (Museum of Egyptian Antiquities), in lista muzeelor care se afla intr-un oras departe, in care eu nu pot ajunge. Pana acum cateva zile, cand, uitandu-ma la un documentar despre pietre pretioase, […]

October 23, 2021

Syrian addiction or a story about Arab coffee

There were few instances when I was happier than when I smelled the coffee, imagined its strong black taste, and felt the energy and power that it was going to bring. One of those moments was the morning of my arrival in Damascus. After two days and nights without sleep because of a different trip came the night of our departure for Damascus that was […]

July 15, 2020

Battle for The Golden Road Series (Cycle II)

Or the story of something I shouldn’t have done Sometime in May, with a lot of races and events being canceled, AEE – the organizer of the Fan Dance one of the events I was really looking for – puts a FB post with a test: 14.5km with 10kg with a great story about its inspiration from the Australian SAS. (All the details about the […]